Welcome to 4D Church

We are excited to get to know you! 

We are a Christ-centered, Bible-based church made up of people who are seeking to honor God by loving Him supremely in response to His great love for us.

If you join us on Sunday, you will find a community of imperfect people who are loved by a perfect God. 

We would love to share His love with you.

We know it can be intimidating to walk into a new place, particularly a church.  

We want to make your visit with us comfortable and enjoyable. 

What to expect on Sundays at 4D Church:

  • Our worship service starts at 11:00AM, 
  • When you arrive you may park anywhere you would like. You will enter into the double wooden doors under the canopy. Someone should be there to greet you.
  • Our worship service lasts approximately an hour and twenty minutes.  Each week we start with some a welcome and announcements followed by a reading from the Psalms and prayer. Afterwards we will sing a few songs together. Next an expositional sermon will be preached from God's word.  The service then concludes with an additional song as well as singing the Doxology. 
  • Dress as you feel comfortable. Some of us wear jeans and others choose more formal attire; you are welcome as you are!
  • We celebrate the Lord's Supper the 3rd Sunday of every month as part of our worship service. This means we will be enjoying bread and juice as a special celebration and reminder of Jesus' substitutionary death.  Participation is completely voluntary and restricted to those who are actively confessing Jesus as Lord. Note, we do have gluten free bread as well.
After our service we enjoy a meal together while we discuss the sermon. We intentionally are seeking to engage the children as well as adults. After our time together we ensure everything is clean before departing.

What about children?
  • Children are invited to participate and worship with us; we believe children are a blessing, and a bit of noise and wiggling does not bother us!  
  • During this season we are not offering any childcare during our services. 

It is our goal to create an atmosphere where you feel welcome and experience God and His grace!