4D Church Purpose

4D Church joyfully embraces

the surpassing worth of God over all things

and exists to bring the nations into the

glad celebration of God through Jesus Christ.


  • To Delight in God

    God (Father, Son, Spirit) is infinitely more lovely than all of creation and alone is able to fully satisfy all the desires of his people, the church. In love, the Father sent Jesus to rescue His people from deadly, deceitful and destructive desires and by His Spirit is awakening us to the immeasurable joy and gladness that is found in God alone. 4D Church is striving to fulfill the greatest commandment and our greatest joy which is the loving of who God is with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. Delight in God is expressed in the glad celebration of God, all He has accomplished and all He continues to do as he fills us, by his Spirit, with ever increasing delight.

  • To Display his glory

    The immeasurable wisdom, beauty, love and joy of God is on display in his creation and through his church. His holy purpose has always been, and will always be, the inclusion of individuals from all nations and peoples in the display of his infinite and awesome greatness and worth. God has determined that his unflawed character be displayed in the world in order that he might be known, enjoyed and, therefore, praised by all peoples. As followers of Jesus, 4D Church has the deep and satisfying privilege to display the all-glorious God through our minds, bodies, actions and attitudes.

  • to declare his gospel

    God, with immeasurable love and compassion, sent Jesus to absorb the holy wrath that our rebellion rightly deserves, raise Him from the dead and brought Him back to heaven where his infinite value is praised by all.  The Spirit was sent to convict us of our essential idolatry and empower a change in our hearts.  We gladly turn from empty words and empty things, which bring destruction and death, to the life giving and all satisfying Creator of the universe.  Therefore, we at 4D Church sing about the greatness of God, we tell of His rescue, we celebrate Him as supremely glorious in our homes, where we work, as we regularly gather together, and among the nations. 

  • to disciple all he gathers

    Disciples of Jesus are discovering that God (Father, Son and Spirit) is the true source of pleasure.  We will never be satisfied until He becomes our treasure. It is out of a supreme and abiding delight in God that we are prayerfully seeking to display his glory (through our minds/bodies/attitudes/actions), declare his gospel (to each other and to every nation) and disciple all He gathers.  As disciples of Jesus, we are devoting our time, talents and treasures as investments in the kingdom of God.  We are organized to equip disciples that they may disciple others in the delight, display and declaration of the magnificent God of the universe for their great joy and to God's great glory!


God empowers us by His Spirit to expand His kingdom through our devotion to the Word, Fellowship, and Prayer (Acts 1:8, 2:42-47)


We are devoted to God's Word, for it is the power of God to

save and sanctify! (Romans 1:16, John 17:17)

Read the Word/Preach the Word/Pray the Word/

Sing the Word/See the Word/Share the Word


Because we have been united with Christ, we are devoted to the fellowship of the church for its gladness, growth, and generosity (1 John 1;7, John 17:20-24)

Covenant Community/ Purposeful Partnerships/Generous Giving


We are devoted to prayer, for by it we have access to God and His power to accomplish what He has promised. (James 5:16, 2 Peter 1:3-4)